How Norwich Welcomed Mr Baldwin

  • Theme - Politics
  • Year - 1929
  • Location - Norwich
  • Filmmaker - unknown


Shot in Norwich in May 1929, this film shows the public's response to arrival of three-times-serving British Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin and his wife Lucy at Thorpe Station. Mounted police were present at the event to control the cheering crowds as Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin climbed into a car before being driven away.

As 1929 was the year of a General Election, Stanley Baldwin’s visit to Norwich was presumably part of a larger tour of the country, in an attempt to win votes for the Conservative Party. Of his visit, the Eastern Evening News reported, “The reception which Norwich Conservative Women are giving Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin on their arrival at Thorpe Station this evening should provide a bright feature in what up to now has been an election devoid of much incident. The Women are attending a mass meeting in St. Andrew's Hall this afternoon and immediately after it was over they were to assemble in the Cloister Garth and march to the Station to greet their leader. Flags and banners were to be carried and a big crowd was expected to be present at Thorpe.” In a previous visit to Norwich in 1926, Mr. Baldwin visited Earlham Hall, where he addressed a rousing speech to an equally large crowd.

Alongside an appearance by Stanley Baldwin, Norwich was also visited by Ramsay MacDonald, Britain’s first Labour Prime Minister, in 1929, in the run-up to the General Election, which was held on May 30th of that year. Ramsay MacDonald eventually won the seat and in 1929 he became Prime Minister for the second time. Stanley Baldwin was Prime Minister from May 1923 to January 1924, from November 1924 to June 1929 and from June 1935 to May 1937.


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