Southend – Holidays by the sea

  • Theme - Leisure
  • Year - 1928
  • Location - Southend-on-sea
  • Filmmaker - Screen advertising service ltd


This is an early promotional film, advertising the attractions of the seaside resort of Southend-on-Sea. Its proximity to London made Southend a popular destination for holidaymakers and day trippers. The Empress Saloon bus fleet leaves their garage at Tottenham Hale to the pick up passengers outside a pub at Wood Green.

The film is a guide to visitors showing them all the pleasures that await them such as a choice of hotels,from the impressive Palace Hotel to the more modest Royal.Bathing facilities are available at “Allens” and happy holiday makers are seen in swimwear typical of the era.

A number of local shops are featured in the film – a clothing emporium, H. W. Proctors and Ashley Russell’s fabric shop. The elegant garages and showrooms of Woodyatt Motor company are also featured later in this extract.

The sea was the big attraction as the belief in the healthy qualities of sea air and bathing was generally accepted. Boat trips departing from the pier kept visitors entertained. The Nemo Motor boat took passengers to view the impressive yachts racing further out to sea.

Leisure has its own history and the “where and how “free time is spent provides an important measure of the economic and social conditions that prevail in each decade.


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