Electric Theatre: Local Pictures including The Mart

  • Theme - Town Life
  • Year - 1926
  • Location - Peterborough
  • Filmmaker - The Electric Theatre, Wisbech


Filmed from the back of a car or bus, this film was recorded in order to show people going about their daily lives in the streets of Wisbech in 1926. It offers a tremendous insight into the busy town, shops, businesses, transport and fashion.

The streets teem with activity. Handcarts and horse-drawn carts pass in the road, alongside buses, motor cars and a multitude of bicycles, many of them ridden by tradesmen’s boys. Pedestrians fill the pavements, with twenties’ fashion very much in evidence. The majority of men wear long overcoats and mackintoshes, with a variety of head wear. Women wear cloche hats and some have coats with fur collars; a few old-style perambulators are in evidence. Towards the end of the film, a group of children pose for the camera outside the Electric Theatre itself, on Norfolk Street.

The film aimed to capture as many people on camera as possible. It was part of a clever campaign to encourage people to come along to The Electric Theatre in Wisbech. There, they would be able to see themselves, in this recording, on the 'big screen' and would perhaps be tempted to return and watch other films.


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