Lowestoft School Sports

  • Theme - Sport
  • Year - 1921
  • Location - Lowestoft
  • Filmmaker -


Sports days have always been an integral part of summer term in schools. For talented pupils it was a chance to shine and for the less able it was an enjoyable break from the normal school timetable. This film shows pupils from schools in the Lowestoft area preparing to take part in an inter school sports day typical of the 1920’s. The event was taking place in the grounds of the local football club, Lowestoft Town F.C. The heritage of the town is reflected in the obstacle race where the fishing industry supplies the obstacles - boys and girls make their way through a course made up of fishing nets and barrels. Although many boys wear long shorts there is very little dedicated sports equipment being worn; most of the girls are wearing dresses. Races are of a traditional, light-hearted type and involve dressing up, piggy back rides, egg and spoon and three-legged races. The shots of the large crowds of supporters, parents and friends demonstrate the formality of dress required for events like these. Most of the women are wearing hats and the men are in suits topped by a straw boater.


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