Mr Franklin’s King’s Lynn Films

  • Theme - Local Industry
  • Year - 1920
  • Location - King's Lynn
  • Filmmaker - Ken Franklin


This amateur footage, captured in the King’s Lynn area during 1920, provides a valuable record of the working waterways of the River Ouse and The Wash. The sailing boats are the remains of the once flourishing fishing fleet that brought prosperity to Kings Lynn in the past. In the 1920’s sail and steam power shared the waters. At the Quayside dock workers are loading coal.
King’s Lynn docks were well placed to provide facilities for ships carrying cargoes like timber and coal. The arrival of the railways had spurred the town on to update its docks and provide efficient handling of goods to compete with other ports. The Alexandra Dock was built in the mid 1800’s and encouraged by it’s success a second port, the Bentinck Dock was constructed. But when the railways were challenged by road transport, King’s Lynn’s trade was badly hit. Fishing, which once provided the livelihood for many families who lived in the area known as the North End, would follow suit. It was a difficult era for the economy.

The maker of this film was local film collector and cine enthusiast – Ken Franklin.


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  • Why is a town with 800 years of history so poorly represented on arhive film?By: JOHN FILOWIAT - 2638 days ago
  • What a fantastic record of life in Lynn. Thanks SO much for sharing these with us.

    Norfolk-ToursBy: Glynn Burrows - 2648 days ago
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