The Paris-Normandie Press

  • Theme - Local Industry
  • Year - 1963
  • Location - Rouen
  • Filmmaker - Raymond Lorge and Jean-Louis Ozanne


'50,000 an hour'

How many kilometres of paper had to be printed each day to publish the Paris Normandie newspaper in 1963? You can find out by watching this wonderful professional, colour film created by Raymond Lorge and Jean-Louis Ozanne, with commentary by Pierre Lepape. The arrival of telex in the teleprinters and rolls of film instantly being developed ; the newsroom where all news stories which are gathered on the desks are sorted through by the various editors ; proofing and grading of articles ; the creation of the draft and the front page ; justification of 60 pages by the printers and finally the movement of the rotary press printing 50,000 newspapers per hour… Life at a daily newspaper at a time when nothing was computerised. This was manual work. A human and daily adventure.

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