Haverhill to Cambridge in 2 minutes!

  • Theme - Transport
  • Year - 1962
  • Location - Cambridge
  • Filmmaker - Robert Pavely


To get from Haverhill, in Suffolk to Cambridge is a journey of almost 20 miles. These days it would take around 40 minutes to drive the route by car. This short, but ingenious film, made by keen local cameraman, Robert Pavely in 1962, appears to complete the journey in just two minutes.
In order to take the footage, Robert had rigged his camera to the windscreen wiper on the front of the car. Each time the blade moved across the window, a shot was taken. According to his wife, Mrs Jean Pavely, the staged sequence at the end of the film, taken on reaching the new site of the Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, was made in a similarly inventive manner. The smoke seen emerging out from under the car’s bonnet came from a greenhouse fumigation cartridge!


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  • i drive this route every day and have done for thirty years. i was born in Haverhill in 1961 and can remember travelling this route every weekend to see my gran who lived in Abington, it now takes twenty minutes as most of it is dual carriage way now. i can remember all of this except the coke house and chinmey of the Haverhill gas works which i was born and lived till i was 17 a stones throw from.By: andy jarrald - 2091 days ago
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