Fire at the Port of Le Havre

  • Theme - Events
  • Year - 1929
  • Location - Le Havre
  • Filmmaker - André Lucas


This is a clip of a longer piece. To see more of this film please visit the website of our cross channel partner, Pole Image Haute-Normandie at

Fire! Fire! Hangar B in Le Havre port burns. From afar, onlookers observe the scene. A large, black cloud darkens the sky. Worry ensues. From where the cameraman films, we don't know if it is a hangar that is on fire or a ship. The list of vessels lost to fire is extensive: in 1938, for example, the Lafayette ship burned in Le Havre port (a strange coincidence: in 1871, the first ship named La Fayette burned in the same port!). A few months later, on 18th April 1939, it was the turn of the glorious Paris, which burned and capsized. The Normandie ship, which was moored, suffered the same fate on 9th February 1942, but this time in New York port. And so, we can understand the worry of onlookers helplessly watching this fire in 1929...

1939, *19th April 1939 : fire in Le Havre port on the "Paris" boat ; weighed down by tonnes of water to extinguish the fire, it sinks.

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