The Tour de France 1951

  • Theme - Sport
  • Year - 1951
  • Location - Dieppe
  • Filmmaker - Jean Martin


The Tour de France in Aumale in July 1951. The cameraman is wisely placed at a height, undoubtedly upstairs in a building, and can therefore easily film the publicity vehicle as it passes, the cyclists, the following cars and the stragglers. There are some shots of the police in sunglasses (obviously not standard issue!) which reflects the fantastic weather on that day in Normandy. These same racing cyclists and publicity vehicles (advertising Coca Cola, Ricard, Aspro, Cinzano, Laughing Cow, Sofil or Vitapointe) are filmed again, from the same viewpoint, a few days later as the tour passes through Isère. Again, the sun is shining. Not to be left out are the many sporting commentators filmed that day, with the image of the famous Alex Virot, from Radio Luxembourg.

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