• Theme - Leisure
  • Year - 1932
  • Location - Dieppe
  • Filmmaker - Raymond Le Roy


In 1932, Raymond Le Roy compiles his maritime travels over a period of a year. He films (very well indeed) a trip to England, departing from Dieppe, with his arrival by train at the foot of the "Versailles" ship. Then, after a stay in London, he takes a cruise on the Ile de France ship, a famous French Line ship, images of which our cameraman captures to provide new evidence of life on board, including team games organised on the deck. By contrast, images of a ship blessing which follow are not those of the Ile de France, but those of the Jean Rubault trawler. On his return to the Dieppe port, Raymond Le Roy took the opportunity to shoot film numerous sailors returning from fishing, their fish stalls set up on the dock. A rare view of Dieppe, that deserves our attention.

2 June 1911 saw the inauguration in Dieppe of the "Newhaven", the new State ship, destined for the Dieppe-Newhaven line.

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