School Milk

  • Theme - Education
  • Year - 1949
  • Location - Ipswich
  • Filmmaker - Boulton-Hawker Films


In 1946 Ellen Wilkinson, as Minister of Education. managed to persuade Parliament to pass the School Milk Act. This act ordered the issue of one-third of a pint of milk free to all pupils under eighteen.It was argued that poor nutrition led to poor achievement in schools which free milk could help to prevent.This film shows the Freston Lodge Dairy delivering the daily milk to a school. The children receive their milk and drink it through straws. In the Gem Milk Bar in Upper Brook Street in Ipswich, children would be served with other milk products like milk shakes and ice-cream. The final sequence is filmed in a home. A mother gives her children milk chocolate and pours glasses of milk. She also butters bread and cuts cheese. The little girl goes into the garden to give two very young kittens a saucer of milk. This clip is from a longer film made as an educational resource for use in schools -one of many made by Boulton-Hawker Films.
In 1970 Margaret Thatcher discontinued free school milk for 7-11 year olds and became known as the "milk snatcher".

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