The Tidal Bore

  • Theme - Environment
  • Year - 1947
  • Location - Rouen
  • Filmmaker - Unknown


This is a clip of a longer piece. To see more of this film please visit the website of our cross channel partner, Pole Image Haute-Normandie at

"Heat" observation of the tidal bore at different places on the Seine. A box, in colour, informs us of the film subject : "The Tidal Bore", filmed at three different times, which are brought together. A barge is lifted by a wave. It's as if it's in its very own race, gathering speed. The images are beautiful and impressive. A very interesting film.

1900, * 3rd March 1900 : a tide which deserves to be called the strongest of the 19th century; where there is a truly spectacular tidal bore.

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