Homemade butter

  • Theme - Local Industry
  • Year - 1977
  • Location - Fécamp
  • Filmmaker - Maurice Dragon, local teacher


This is a clip from the Norwich HEART Digital Heritage production - 'Bon Appetit'

A film with sound, set in a school, through which we meet Mrs Duchesne, a generous farmer and teacher who shares her knowledge of butter making.

It is a delightful film. Made by a primary school class, it shows the different stages used by Mrs Duchesne to make the butter (hand milking, producing cream, shaping the blocks like books). In a voiceover, the farmer explains the entire process while the images are shown, well presented and framed. The children observe and sometimes even take part, tasting the ‘buttermilk’. Mrs Duchesne’s comments are sometimes a bit tasty themselves - “when my mother made butter, she didn’t want any children around her. She said children’s breath gave it a bad taste”. The film has a funny element at the end, which was probably unintentional. After having seen Mrs Duchesne throughout the film and heard only her voice, her husband making only a brief appearance, we see on the paper used to carefully wrap the blocks of butter : BEURRE MAURICE DUCHESNE.

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