Clacton Carnival

  • Theme - Leisure
  • Year - 1962
  • Location - Colchester
  • Filmmaker - Robert Pavely


This lively, amateur film is the work of Robert Pavely, from Haverhill, Suffolk. It was made in the same year as ‘Haverhill to Cambridge in 2 Minutes’.
The 1962 carnival at Clacton-on-Sea in Essex is well-documented. Floats parade past the camera in full colour, laden with decorations. Carnival participants are dressed in elaborate costumes and wave and smile at the crowds, who have turned out to see them. Many of the floats adopted themes – there is a nautical float, alongside numerous beaming flowergirls. One group dressed up as gnomes and are seen sitting under giant, spotted toadstools. Johnny O’Rourke supplied music during the parade, accompanied by his Trumpet Orchestra.
Later in the day, people moved to the funfair. They wandered through the House of Fun and took a ride on the ferris wheel. Robert Pavley captured a beautiful shot of the grand carousel and even took a ride on it himself! In the evening, the fairground was lit with bright, colourful lights - a perfect end to a happy day. Clacton carnival is still held in the seaside town during August each year.


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