Caister Camp presents - 'Your Holiday'

  • Theme - Leisure
  • Year - 1965
  • Location - Gt. Yarmouth
  • Filmmaker - Unknown


Caister Camp, in Caister-on-Sea, Norfolk, has long been a popular holiday destination where members of the public can go to relax and unwind whilst indulging in some good, ‘old-fashioned’ fun by the sea! This film documents a disabled group trip to the camp in 1965. Guests are transported around the camp on a tractor-drawn carriage, whilst smiling for the camera. Many wheelchairs are unloaded and the guests take some time to sunbath and lounge outside. Later, they engage in a lively game of ‘wheelchair golf’. There are also some shots of children, visiting the camp and playing in the swimming pool. Caister Camp prides itself on catering for various groups, offering many days-out and different family-holiday packages. Unfortunately, we are unsure which visiting organisation it was that is featured in this particular film.

Situated close to Great Yarmouth, Caister was one of the earliest holiday camps in the United Kingdom. It was first opened in 1906, as ‘Caister Socialist Holiday Camp’ by John Fletcher Dodd, one of the founder members of the Independent Labour Party. In the early days, many of Dodd’s political friends visited the camp, until it became more family-orientated. Today, the Camp is run by Haven Holidays.


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