Cricket in Tolleshunt D'Arcy

  • Theme - Sport
  • Year - 1948
  • Location - Colchester
  • Filmmaker - Joyce Allingham


This clip is taken from Norwich HEART's Digital Heritage production 'The Pleasure of Leisure'

The village cricket matches in the Essex town of Tolleshunt D'Arcy were made memorable by the "celebrity" couple who made them possible. Margery Allingham, celebrated crime fiction writer and creator of amateur detective, Albert Campion was the hostess and with her staff she organised the lavish cricket lunches and teas which took place in her garden. All the players and their families were invited to come along and enjoy the refreshments. Margery's husband, Pip Youngman Carter, editor of well-known society publication,'The Tatler', was a keen sportsman who organised the teams and arranged the matches which took place in Carter's Meadow, behind their home at Darcy House. The matches were good-natured but the competitive spirit was very much in evidence when Pip invited some of his friends from London to play against the village team. There was also the added incentive of a prize. As a joke, the Allinghams had invented their own version of the Ashes - the most prestigious prize in international cricket. At the end of the day's play, a team photo was taken and the "Ashes" presented to the successful team.

These delightful scenes of this important village event were shot by Margery's sister Joyce.


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