Return of the Newfoundlanders

  • Theme - Local Industry
  • Year - 1928
  • Location - Fécamp
  • Filmmaker - Rene Legros


This is a clip of a longer piece. To see more of this film please visit the website of our cross channel partner, Pole Image Haute-Normandie at

This black and white film from 1928 is a beautiful testimony of the importance of Fécamp, which for decades was one of the most important French Newfoundland ports. Although the majority of Fécamp fishermen left for the Newfoundland docks, some went to work in Icelandic waters. For them, the cod was salted directly in wooden barrels. This was certainly the case for those sailors who unloaded one barrel after another onto the dock, while another Newfoundlander entered the port. Other smaller barrels contained the cod tongues and cheeks : this was the "sailor's portion", which he could sell himself ...

1901, *Mid March : 68 ships are fitted out in Fécamp to go fishing for cod in Newfoundland, an activity which is still important in this port. 1923 : the construction of "Marité" in Fécamp, a wooden Newfoundlander vessel (the last capable of sailing in 2010) *

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