Saint-Romain Fair

  • Theme - Leisure
  • Year - 1936
  • Location - Rouen
  • Filmmaker - Robert Viel


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The famous Rouen fair filmed from contrasting viewpoints, between morning and afternoon. From one image to the next, a box appears stating "Saint-Roman Fair in the morning". We see the fair operators wake up, leaving their wooden caravans, feeding the animals, preparing their stand. We see the Beauvoisine road. People crossing the street are workers, passing through. The rides are switched off. 00 01 18: Another box, the same type as before: "Saint-Roman Fair in the afternoon" and we see a completely different atmosphere. A family is walking together, they come well dressed. The filmmaker shows us a series of attractions : a caterpillar, little wooden horses, a race track for children, a raffle, a swing, warm chestnuts. A stand promises "Love Unveiled" but men pass by without so much as a look!

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