Unveiling of the war memorial

  • Theme - WW1, WW2 & Military
  • Year - 1924
  • Location - Le Havre
  • Filmmaker - Lucas Andr


This is a clip of a longer piece. To see more of this film please visit the website of our cross channel partner, Pole Image Haute-Normandie at www.archivesenligne.fr

A military parade through the decorated streets of Le Havre (before the destruction). The fanfare of the brass band precedes the soldiers, and policemen on bikes. Onlookers climb monuments to get a better look. Many Le Havre residents are at their windows.

1921, 3-4 August 1924 : Spectacular parties in Le Havre for the unveiling of the War Memorial (7000 from Le Havre were lost in the war)

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