Time off

  • Theme - Leisure
  • Year - 1942
  • Location - Rouen
  • Filmmaker - Bigon Fernand


To see more film of Upper Normandy, please visit the website of our cross channel partner, Pole Image Haute-Normandie at www.archivesenligne.fr

This is a beautiful film, shot by a photographer with a great sense of cinematic style and light - he has great inspiration to film these beautiful sequences.
The entire film is punctuated by boxes containing quotes. ""And every Sunday "" we see girls placing their belongings into bicycle bags, unable to travel by car as it's in the garage, in poor condition, dust on the windshield suggesting its been there long enough for someone to write 1942 with their finger. Cycling in single file, the girls all leave the courtyard of this Le Bignon building, heading for a house in Saint Paer on the country roads."

Note: 1906 saw the introduction of weekly rest for workers in France

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