Colchester v Torquay

  • Theme - Sport
  • Year - 1966
  • Location - Colchester
  • Filmmaker - Deryck Chambers


This clip is taken from the Digital Heritage production 'The Game, the Goals and the Glory' showing football from the terraces – as caught on camera by avid football fans and amateur film makers – before the days of penalty shoot outs and undersoil heating!

As the commentary explains, this short clip is, “just the beginning of a cracking little film” made by Colchester United supporter and member of the local Cine Club, Deryck Chambers. Filmed in April 1966, the footage provides an insight into an historic year of English football. It was taken in the same year that England famously won the World Cup.

The film starts with shots of fans walking to the old CUFC football ground on Layer Road, Colchester. The Torquay players arrive by coach. Dressed in a blue and white home kit, Colchester emerge onto the playing field first and Torquay – in blue and yellow – run on soon afterwards. Between the 1950’s and 1970’s, Colchester spent most of their time playing in the third and fourth tiers. In the 1966-67 season, they lost only three home games, this match being one of them. Although the final result was 2-0 to Torquay, Colchester were promoted to the fourth division only a few weeks after the match.

The Layer Road Football Ground was home to Colchester United Football Club from 1937 to 2008, when the team moved to a new stadium at Cuckoo Farm.


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