Don Chipperfield's Ipswich

  • Theme - Transport
  • Year - 1963
  • Location - Ipswich
  • Filmmaker - DON CHIPPERFIELD


This film shows a small milestone in transport history in Ipswich. This was the last year of the trolleybus - a service with it's roots in the tramways which had been operational since the 1880's. The tram was originally horse drawn but was finally electrified in 1903. Along selected routes trams were replaced by trolleybuses in 1923, but the rising costs of electricity prompted Ipswich Corporation to look at alternatives. In 1950 motor buses were introduced to see if they were commercially viable. From this point on the days of the trolley bus were numbered. In 1961 routes were shared between omnibuses and trolleybuses, but in August 1963 the last trolleybus (No 114) made its final run.This film was made by Don Chipperfield, a prolific Ipswich film maker, who was anxious to record the trolleybus on the brink of extinction.


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