East Anglian University

  • Theme - Education
  • Year - 1962
  • Location - Norwich
  • Filmmaker - Anglia news


The first propositions for a university in Norwich had been made many years before the plans for the University of East Anglia were finally accepted. It wasn't until national demand for university places increased in the 1960’s - as the post-war ‘bulge’ generation began to reach university age - that the government supplied a grant for the project to go ahead.

The first half of this film, shot in 1962 - the year before UEA accepted its first students - documents an important day in the early history of the University. As regional television presenter, Dick Joice explains from Earlham Golf Course, ‘that morning’ the Lord Mackintosh, Chancellor Designate of the University had launched an appeal at Norwich City Hall, in the hope of raising an additional £1.5 million to supplement the existing government grant.

The second half of the film shows an interview which took place in London’s treasury buildings between Minister of Housing, Henry Brooke and Neville Clarke. There is a discussion about government funding for the University of East Anglia and concerns about the impending demand for university places right across the country.

The University of East Anglia’s first campus was built on the site which is now occupied by student accommodation in the University Village. Many of the main buildings on the current campus were not completed until the late 1960's.

EAFA CAT NO: 205820

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