The Day after the air raid

  • Theme - WW1, WW2 & Military
  • Year - 1942
  • Location - Norwich
  • Filmmaker - Ernest Croxton


Filmed the day after one of Norwich's heaviest air raids, this footage shows bombed-out houses, amidst piles of rubble. Windows are blown out of buildings and roofs are badly damaged. In the worse cases, brickwork has been torn to pieces. Later in the film, a barrage balloon can be seen lying in a park. It may about to be launched, or may have come to ground during the raid.

The filmmaker was Ernest Croxton, a local policemen who lived near Waterworks Road in Norwich. He recorded the aftermath of the raid on his 9.5mm camera.


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  • What an excellent website! The barrage balloon seen in this film isn't in a park (as stated in the description), it's actually IN the waterworks next to the reservoir (I think Ernest Croxton would have taken the film from a house across waterworks road). The balloon is probably being launched there to protect the reservoir.By: Luke Wolsey - 2719 days ago
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