Mike and the Diamonds

  • Theme - Leisure
  • Year - 1960
  • Location - Norwich
  • Filmmaker - Mike Rosbottom


This is an extract taken from the Digital Heritage production and DVD resource 'MY GENERATION' a focus on the post war evolution of teenagers, narrated by actor, Arthur Smith.
Please see archivealive,org 'Education' page for more information the dvd resource produced for schools and youth organisations.

Mike and his brother lived in Norwich as teenagers. Mike had a cine-camera and made a number of films as he grew up.This film offers an insight into the family home in the 1960's. Mike's brother started a band and Mike joined it later on as a vocalist. As Mike and the Diamonds, the band used to rehearse at the local village hall. The sixties were a time of radical social change - and groups like the Beatles were leading the way, inspiring young people to make themselves heard. Although Norwich wasn't at the hub of the social revolution emerging in Britain, new ideas about music, morality, fashion and design couldn't fail to infiltrate the county.
Mike and John continued to play in the band for many years, until the demands of growing up, marriage and family life became a priority.

EAFA CAT NO: Rosbotham collection

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