Blaxland family holiday to Upper Normandy

  • Theme - Leisure
  • Year - 1933
  • Location - Dieppe
  • Filmmaker - Christopher Blaxland


Christopher Blaxland was a film-mad teenager. Foreign travel was still quite a rarity in the 1930's, so Christopher was anxious to make a carefully crafted film about the whole experience. The maid packs his suitcase, before the family are driven to Norwich station to catch their train to London. They cross the Channel from Newhaven to Dieppe and arrive at the Hotel Albion at the seaside resort of Pourville Sur Mer. The trip to nearby Rouen, the capital of the Upper Normandy region, results in some impressive panoramic views of the city and the River Seine shot from the tower of the cathedral. Rouen was badly hit during the Second World War so these shots from 1933 are particularly significant.

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