Manor Farm, Plumstead

  • Theme - Agriculture
  • Year - 1957
  • Location - Norwich
  • Filmmaker - Farmer, Mr Wiley


Manor Farm was a mixed farm on the outskirts of Norwich, run by the Wiley family. The farm, over 1000 acres in size, grew sugar beet, peas, potatoes and arable crops.There were once 30 horses working the farm but in the 1950's, when this film was made by Reg Wiley, mechanisation was taking over. 1957 was the last year that heavy horses would be used in the field, as tractors were taking over the heavy work. During the potato harvest, gangs of woman were given seasonal work, employed as pickers, and they were paid according to the weight of crop they managed to pick. Harvest time was critical to the economics of the farm. Young lads were given the job of "Hold Ye" boys, steering the horses and making them stand.


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