Clacton Cine Club

  • Theme - Leisure
  • Year - 1959
  • Location - Colchester
  • Filmmaker - Clacton Cine Club


In the 1950's cine camera's and film for the amateur market became more readily affordable and more clubs for the film enthusiast were formed to share ideas and technical expertise. Some amateurs set themselves very high standards and Clacton Cine Club had among their members a number of film makers who took a professional attitude to their work. Sidney Manasseh was a founder member of the Club and like Ted and Joan Hammond, produced a number of well crafted films housed in the collections at EAFA.This film was made to document a typical meeting of the club. Meetings took place at Waverley Hall in Clacton two evenings a month.This film is a rare record of the techniques used by filmakers.
The arrival of a "new member" offers the Clacton Cine Club the opportunity to demonstrate the editing process and the method of shooting captions. Club members are set the task of shooting a short sequence in a garden .A delightful scene shows how tracking shots can be achieved by filming from the boot of a moving car. Do not try this at home!


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