Cambridge University Life - the Bumps

  • Theme - Sport
  • Year - 1930
  • Location - Cambridge
  • Filmmaker - Unknown undergrad at Downing College.


This clip is taken from Norwich HEART's Digital Heritage Production 'Bicycles, Bedders and the Bumps'.
The River Cam is an integral part of student life at the colleges of Cambridge University. Rowing, has long been a traditionl sport in Cambridge and being awarded a Full Blue, by representing your college in the Oxford and Cambridge boat race, is still considered the highest honour. However, the Boat Race on the Thames isn't the only place teams can compete on the water. The May Bumps is another major social and competitive event which draws crowds to the river bank. The May Bumps were introduced in 1887 and are open to all boats from the Cambridge colleges. The rules are rather different from conventional boat racing. Eight rowers and a coxswain form the team but the competitors don't row alongside each other but are spread out singly along the designated stretch of river. At the gun, the teams must attempt to catch up and "bump" the boat in front.The Bumps take place over four days. Winners are allowed to take home the oars or blades and the ultimate winner gains the title of 'Head of the River'. In 1930, that title was won by Jesus College.

EAFA cat no : 1094

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