Bobbie Grows Up - with sister Betty 11 months

  • Theme - Domestic Life
  • Year - 1925
  • Location - Southend-on-sea
  • Filmmaker - George Woods-Taylor


Bobbie Woods-Taylor was born on 29th February 1920, son of professional photographer, George William Woods-Taylor. George filmed the early years of both his children, Bobbie and Betty and the results are a beautiful record of family life at a time when home movies would have been a rarity. The family moved into a large, new house in Thorpe Bay near Southend in the early 20's, where much of this film is shot. Betty is now 11 months old and is in the garden in her playpen. Bobbie tows her for a ride in his cart, sheltered from the sun by a parasol. When the grandparents pay a visit the whole family are filmed posing for the camera in the garden.

George Woods-Taylor was a press photographer on Fleet Street for many years before joining the Topical Film Company as news editor in 1911. He was an official kinematographer during the First World War and took the first film of British troops arriving in France. After the war he joined Cinechrome Ltd. He was the official photographer on the Prince of Wales' tour of India in 1922 -a film held at the BFI which features a tiger hunt, horse racing and polo.Woods-Taylor was well known in the industry. As a professional, he was able to bring a camera home and record shots of his children growing up, on 35mm film.

George Woods-Taylor died in 1953 and Bobbie in 1996.

Thanks to Bobbie's son, David Woods-Taylor for this information and kind permission to use these wonderful films.


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