West Norfolk and King’s Lynn Hospital - Opening Ceremony

  • Theme - Royalty
  • Year - 1935
  • Location - King's Lynn
  • Filmmaker - Joseph Seargeant


This was a major event in the history of the Kings Lynn hospital. Nursing staff, members of the church and dignatories gather for the official opening ceremony of the new wing - an out-patients, medical and ophthalmic block, by Her Majesty, Queen Mary on Saturday on 7th February 1935.The formalities of presentations, speeches and thanks took place in a marquee put up for the occasion.

An extraordinary "flashback" dream sequence features the House Governor in his office.He outlines his plans for future development of the hospital to a visitor who obligingly writes him a generous cheque.

The hospital was a privately funded institution reliant on fundraising events, donations and generous benefactors.


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  • What a fantastic record of life in Lynn. Thanks SO much for sharing these with us.

    Norfolk-ToursBy: Glynn Burrows - 2729 days ago
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