Southwold’s Motor Lifeboat

  • Theme - Events
  • Year - 1926
  • Location - Southwold
  • Filmmaker - James Blyth


Lifeboats are an important part of life in any coastal town and the local boats and boatmen are the source of many stories of bravery and heroism. In 1926 a new lifeboat was launched at Southwold, in Suffolk. She was the Mary Scott – the first motor lifeboat to be put into service in the county. This film shows the Mary Scott as she motors away from the Quayside for the dedication service conducted by Rt. Rev. W.G. Whittingham, Bishop of the Diocese.

The Mary Scott lifeboat was in service for 15 years from 1925 to 1940. The craft, built by White, J.Samuel and Co from Cowes, was named after a benefactor who's legacy paid for her construction. In 1940, the Mary Scott was one of the famous “little ships” who went to the rescue of British troops stranded on the coast at Dunkirk. The lifeboat still survives as a privately owned leisure craft.


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  • Thank you for this remarkable film, just come back from Dunkirk, before we left we put up the masts (installed 1956?) and rigged her, being one of the slowest little ships we lagged behind the fleet, when the wind came on the beam we crammed on all sail (main, mizzen, jib,) and she took off like witch, 7.5 knots all the way, came in 10 mins after the rest. The present owner of Mary Scott , Mick, has stayed in France with his delightful lady, Lizzy, and they are now in the canal system headed for Lyon. Once again thanks, Mick will be delighted when I send him the web address. All rest assured this grand old lady (still as strong as a horse) is in the best hands and will see us all out. Best regards Peter.By: Peter Golding - 1821 days ago
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